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The main turtles are accepted to have lived more than 200 million years ago!... what's more, their fossils are practically indistinguishable from turtles that are alive today

There are numerous great novice turtles that are commonly accessible and genuinely cheap. You can purchase apprentice turtles at reptile appears, from a reproducer, at a pet store, or on the web

Turtles are appealing intriguing creatures that have been kept as regular family pets for a long time

Turtles are peaceful, quiet, and moderate moving. Subsequently they don't ingrain the mindful worries that a few people have when managing different kinds of reptiles. They can be very solid when given the correct condition, have genuinely unassuming prerequisites, and live quite a while. 

Turtles that invest a decent arrangement of energy in the water generally have webbed feet for swimming. They are sea-going turtles (water turtles) or semi-oceanic (bog and bog type) turtles. There are additionally turtles that are semi-earthly, investing energy both in the water and on the land. These 'land' turtles are otherwise called reptiles (the term reptile is gotten from the word terrapene, which signifies 'land turtle'). In the United States in any case, the term turtle is generally used to depict these, and incorporates around 200 species

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