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Age Versus Love Of Horses

Age Versus Love Of Horses

You've adored ponies for your entire life, possibly you did some trail riding as a young person and perhaps you got the opportunity to revive your affection for steeds sometime down the road. At that point the day came in your late 50's you had a the chance to purchase your first pony. Is it accurate to say that you are to old to take on this wonderful, magnificent, incredible creature

As I would see it, you are not, I state that since I moved to the nation at 57 and purchased my first pony at 58. What did I think about when I was picking my pony? First I thought of what I was able to do physically, in view of that I figured I wouldn't need a steed over 15hh, anything bigger than that makes for a greater fall and conceivable broken bones 

My subsequent thought was the steeds age and disposition, a pleasant old bombproof pony that I could move myself once again into riding with. At that point there is breed I wasn't objected about breed, simply on the grounds that as a young person I rode various breeds, and how quiet a pony is, is progressively about how they are prepared and treated not the breed 

I was thinking Quarter steed or Standardbred, I rented a Standardbred in my late 30's and he was quiet however he could be exceptionally difficult. One breed I never considered was a Thoroughbred, I figured this breed might be route over my head and from what I'd seen watching steed dashing, my idea was dreadfully exceedingly hung for me 

Subsequent to mulling over all the above I began searching for my fantasy pony, and I discovered him. It didn't take long for me to begin to look all starry eyed at a steed I found in an advertisement on Facebook. This is the place I begun scrutinizing my rational soundness, this steed is 16.1hh 11 yr old off the track pure blood, he wasn't ridden since his hustling days and I didn't know whether he was sound 

In all actuality I couldn't have cared less, I began to look all starry eyed at the pony in the promotion and I fell considerably more enamored when I met him. Definitely so he's a pure breed, he needs reinstructing and as a delight horse he is green, yet so am I. I used to ride feisty ponies yet I was 16 not 58... so I ask myself "What were you supposing" my answer is I wasn't supposing, I just realized this kid was for me 

So now the following inquiry is am I excessively green and too old interpretation of this mammoth assignment to get my pony sound enough to work with and in the long run ride. In the event that I had no involvement with steeds by any stretch of the imagination, at that point maybe it might be too huge an assignment for me. In the event that there was no such thing as the web, on the other hand it might be too huge an assignment for me. The thing is I trust I can do this and I adore and trust my kid and I realize he cherishes and confides in me 

Something else to consider is wellness, I am not excessively unfit but rather to begin basis I have to venture up my wellness which I am chipping away at now. Age is only a number, on the off chance that you have the energy, the adoration and the dedication nothing is unimaginable. Figure out how to peruse your pony and hear him out and dependably make security a need, ponies are huge incredible creatures and can do us some genuine harm, regardless of whether incidentally 

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